The knights have several role-play campaigns running at the moment. Every group comes together periodically, most often every two weeks, to play a session. It is possible to ask a storyteller/game master to join their session. However, it may be easier to visit the Looking for Group which is held at the start of every semester. It is also possible to join the Variable campaign which is a group of people that play several shorter campaigns back-to-back. Please note that while most game masters are able to accommodate English speakers some may want to run their campaigns in Dutch.

Title Game Master System Setting English? Open for new members?
Horror at War Alwin World of Darkness Dark Modern
Five ass-holes on a boat. Arnoud Fate Core Custom Fantasy
Sanma Luári David H Pahfinder Dark Fantasy
Silvern Eclipse Gerco Pathfinder Custom Fantasy
The lost heroes of Agrare Jelte D&D 4th Edition Fantasy
The Sight of Blind Men Kathelijne Mistborn Mystborn (Hard, Heroic, Grimdark Fantasy)
Challenge and answer Marco World of Darkness, Changeling: The lost Changeling: The lost
Empire of Deities Matto GURPS Custom Fantasy
Armageddon, End of Times Peter Armageddon Post Apocalyptic
Bloody Wizzards Remco D&D 5th Edition Fantasy
The madness of Meroldim Wouter OVA2 Fantasy Anime
Duin LARP Schimmenspel Homebrew Dune
Variable campaign Variable Variable Variable

Furthermore, The following people are planning on starting a campaign

Game Master Title System Setting English? members