To celebrate the end of the academic year the knights organise the Eindejaarsdagen (End-of-year days). They take place on the Monday to Wednesday of the first week of the summer break. During these three days six special activities will be held.

Some of the common activities are:

  • The pub quiz: Every year groups of knights fight each other for the honour of being the smartest knight!
  • The Storytelling Contest: Are you entirely confident you are clearly the best storyteller of the knights and the rest of the world? Or would you rather just tell a funny tale? Or do you prefer listening to stories instead? Then this evening is made for you.
  • The Swordfighting tournament: Which knight is the most apt at swordmanship? There is only one way to discover this.
  • The Barbecue: The only true way to celebrate summer is with a great barbecue.