Information for sponsors

Information for potential sponsors

Dear potential sponsor,

We would like to share our unique subculture with the world at large by organizing this fantastical festival this summer on the 10th of June 2018.

This summer will mark the third time we will be organizing the Fantasy Court festival on the TU/e campus. At this festival, we invite LARP-associations, stalls with exotic foods, and myriads of stalls with board games and LARP props. In addition there will be a LARP sword fighting tournament (with special children’s division) for all to join and spectate.

For this esteemed tournament you can send in someone to represent you and your company to fight against all the other companies. Show them who is on top!

Of course, we would not allow your representative to go into battle without training. The audience will want to see a battle of skill between two excellent and honourable fighters. TO this end all representatives will be given an extensive training before the company division tournament.