Program and Activities

The English version will be placed here as soon as it’s available.

During the festival we will have the following activities, shows, stalls and groups.

  • Sword-fighting Tournament
    • Duel tournament
    • Children’s tournament
  • Larp-Archery
  • shield painting for children.
  • Mini-Quest: Have you ever wanted to experience LARP but never had the opportunity? Then you can join us to experience a short quest, an introduction story, organised by the LARP-group Kederan.
  • Henna: Have you ever wanted to try out having a tattoo without having to wear it for life? Henna is a temporary tattoo which is visible for 7 to 10 days. In countries like India, Turkey and Morocco henna is used during rituals, marriage ceremonies and other important moments during the year and during one’s life.Nowadays henna is quickly gaining popularity and available on festivals more and more. Would you be interested in a nice decoration on your hand, arm, foot or shoulder? You can get one of the example patterns but you could also have your own idea drawn.
  • Workshop felting dreads and mandalas provided by: Atleier het groene schaep.


  • Die Nebelschwingen, a spctacular Fakirshow en Walking acts
  • Duo Brabants Bauweraerts: This Duo is composed of violist Anneleen Brabants and Hilke Brauweraarts Who plays the Diatonic button accordion. Together they create fierce folk music during which they completely surrender themselves to the music.They play sultry, tender, fiery ánd passionate
  • Zwarte Raven vertelling & workshop: Have you ever wanted to play the hero in your own story? Go on great adventures and face though challenges Listen and become part of the story yourself.


  • Bordspel&zo: Dutch webshop with an extensive assortment of tabletop games.
  • Fantasyshop Fairyland: Shop specialised in medieval clothing, Larp goods, Celtic jewellery and tabletop games with a fantasy theme.
  • Turkish Kitchen: Delicious Turkish dishes and treats. Also sells vegetarian dishes.
  • Letters & Lights: Manufactures candles and other items with fantasy designs.
  • Dungeons & Dice: is specialised in Dice, Miniature figures and other tabletop and Role-play game related products.
  • Dolle Griet: Custom-made clothes and costumes. Includes personal advice and recommendation on clothes. Our garments feel like a second skin.
  • Drakkar Wood Works: Manufactures wooden decorations and furniture in Viking, Medieval, Gothic en Victorian style.
  • Cupcakebunny: Delicious Cupcakes and other treats.
  • Pippin Foods: Combining natural and fresh ingredients into delicious Local Dishes and treats.
  • zilverbron: A publisher of (Dutch) Fantasy books. Author Loïs Lentz will explain to you why her, or any of the publishers other books are certainly worth a read.
  • MC Art:  Custom LARP, Nerf Blasters and Props.
  • Atelier het groene schaep: Wool and hand-crafted woolen products.
  • Larp Center: filled to the brim with goods, This is where you will find just the right accessory or LARP-weapon to finish your costume.
  • Books 4 Life Eindhoven: A Charity shop for second-hand literature with an extensive and fantastical assortment.
  • Heathen Mead: For all Mead, drinking horns and accesoris. Heathen Mead also sells a varied assortement of delicious honey and honey products which compliment our meads perfectly. We hope to see you at our stall.

LARP groups and other Associations:

  • Ducosim: Thé Tabletop association in the  Netherlands.
  • Project M: Organises a Wizard LARP for everyone 16 years and over. Our events take place on a magical high school filled with Wizards and Witches in a world filled with magic and spectacle. Join us and learn to brew magic potions, study ancient magical symbols, choose a house and who knows you might receive an invitation for the academy of magical arts.
  • AREN LARP: A group for post-apocalyptic LARP-players open for both novice and experienced LARP-players. Our event is based on improvisation, plot and the ideas of players and figurants.
  • Expatio: An association that organises a several LARP weekend or day events for children between the ages of 12 and 18.
  • Kederan: A world where everything is possible for everyone. From a beginner to a veteran Larp-player everyone is allowed to join us for an unforgettable LARP weekend. Furthermore, Kederan will organise an interactive workshop during the Fantasy Court.
  • Kinjin: A Student culture association focussed on exporing and promoting elements of Japanese culture.