Q: How do I become a member?

A: You can become a member through the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are eligible. Students of the TU/e and Fontys Eindhoven are always eligible. Students from other educational institutes need permission from the board. This does not have to be on paper.
  2. Fill in a membership form which can be collected in our room.
  3. Pay the membership fee.

Q: How much does membership cost?

A: The membership fee is €25,- for the whole year and €15,- for half a year. The fee pas to be paid to the association through a bank transfer to NL62 ABNA 0460 0900 38 or be given in cash to our treasurer. For administrative reasons we prefer if the fee is paid after 1 September which is the start at the academic year.

Q: Am I allowed to check out the association?

A: Of course. The best evenings to visit us are the tabletop evenings every Tuesday or the open role-play evening every first Wednesday of the month.


Q: I Have no access to E-hoog, How can I enter?

A: At the moment access to the Plint is open. Once the pass system is installed you can call us at 06 51018209 and someone will open the door for you.

Q: The door is locked and the room is empty. How do I enter?

A: Sadly we cannot be open 24/7. Experience tells us that on weekdays there will probably be people from 12:00 on. If the room is often locked when you want to enter please notify the board.


Q: Are there set evenings for non-members to visit?

A: You can come and visit us at any moment. However, the tabletop or role-play evenings are the best times to visit. In general the role-play evenings are every first Wednesday evening of the month and the tabletop evenings are every Tuesday evening and every third Wednesday evening. However, since activities are occasionally reshuffled it is advised to check our agenda.

Q: Are there other activities besides tabletop and role-play games?

A: We have a monthly varying activity every second Wednesday evening of the month. These are activities which are popular under the members but not necessarily related to tabletop and role-play games. examples would be a book club, lasergaming and jiont activities with other cultural associations.

Q: Do you also play LARP?

A: Together with the Schimmenspel the Knights organise a monthly (Dutch language) LARP. Furthermore the Knights organise two One-shot larps every year during the Knightsweekends. There are also members who visit external LARPs.

Q: Can I also visit the Knights outside of evening activities?

A: There are Knights present in the association room almost every day. Members are welcome at any time to play a game, to study or to ust hang around.

Q: Do people also play games outside of activities and campaigns?

A: Tabletop games are played all the time. With role-play games this is quite rare due to the logistics and preparation required.

Q: What are Knightsweekends?

A: In the second and fourth quarter of the academic year the Knights organise a weekend where we will go to a location and spend out time playing tabletop and roleplay games as well as a LARP. this weekend is very advisable to anyone who likes playing games.

Open evenings and campaigns

Q: What are one-shots or campaigns?

A: Roleplay games can vary in length wildly. A one-shot is a game with only one session and adventure. These are often played during open evenings and Knightsweekends. A campaign is a game consisting of a set of interlinked sessions played with the same group of players. These may span multiple adventures and take anything from a couple weeks to years. It is conventional to play one session every other week.

Q: Can I join an open role-play evening as player or game master?

A: In general anyone can join as a player. If you want to be the storytelled/game master/dungeon master you can tell the board. They ensure the correct amount of game masters are present and know if the role-play evening has a specific theme.

Q: Can I just start or join a campaign?

A: While you can start or join a campaign at any time we advise going to the ‘Looking for Group’ to have the best chance to find a suitable campaign or set of players.

Q: How can I know whether role-playing games are suitable for me?

A: The only way to know to is to try. Just visit us during the open role-play evenings!

Q: Are Knights-members obligated to be a game master?

A: Of course not.

Q: I’d like to be a game-master but I’m unsure if I’m able to.

A: You are not alone. The Tea@knights (workshops) and the Black Ravens, Our veteran sotrytellers can help you prepare. It is advised to run a couple one-shots before trying out a campaign.

Food and drinks

Q: Am I allowed to bring my own food and/or Drink?

A: Of course you are allowed to. We do request people clean up their own rubble.

Q: What about alcohol?

A: Alcohol is allowed as long as people drink sensibly. If you are too drunk you may be requested to leave. If you are part of a role-pay session you may have to ask the game master of they allow alcohol at the table.

Further questions

Q: What if this FAQ hasn’t answered my question?

A: Send a mail to info@kotkt.nl And we will gladly answer your question.