For international students

Welcome to our page for international students. Due to technical issues we are yet unable to make an English version of the website. Once we have migrated to a new platform the website will be available in English. For the time being, this page can help you answer your questions about our association.

Who we are.

Welcome to the website of the The Eindhoven Student Role-play games Society Knights of the Kitchen Table. We are a cozy and pleasant group of students who enjoy playing board and role-play games in our free time. Therefore we organise several activities every week and have quite a few long-running role-play campaigns. But you can also just walk in, relax with the members and play a game almost all day.


There are several activities organised by the association. Wednesday is our association day. It is when the board or a committee organises a planned activity. But we also have activities on other days. Activities include one-shot role-play evenings. Short and long boardgames evenings and days, workshops, sword fighting and just general fun activities as well as the famous role-play campaigns which are traditionally started at the start of the semester and can go on as long as the players like. All association activities start at half past seven (19:30). For a more detailed overview please refer to the agenda. The English version can be found underneath.


If you have any questions you can mail us at We also have a phone number, however the phone can be answered by any member.

Come join us.

We gladly invite you to join the association. If you are interested we’d love you to visit us in the Plint and get a taste of the culture. The best times to do so are Tuesday or the first and third Wednesday of the month because of the activities. But don’t be afraid to come at another time. It is not necessary to send an e-mail, however it would be appreciated.


The Knights are open to any student following a higher education in Eindhoven. People who study at a vocational school or outside of Eindhoven can also join with permission of the board. To join you need to fill in a registration form which is available in the bunker. The annual contribution is 25 euro for a full year or 15 euro for a half year to be paid to our bank account or to the treasurer.