Knights weekends

Twice a year it is time to pack your bags, get on your bicycle and go to the Knights weekends. The Winter weekend which obviously is organised in the late fall during the first weeks of the second quartile and the spring weekend which is organised, oddly enough, in the spring during the first weeks of the fourth quartile. During these weekends the Knights go to a group accommodation like, for instance Hoeve Osstade. At the weekend several role-play sessions are organised as well as a LARP one-shot and a special activity which differs each weekend.

In general each weekend has time for two role-play sessions. For each session there is a choice between about five sessions people can choose between. Please understand that the capacity is limited. This means people may be unable to play in both of their favourite sessions and have to go with a second or third choice. Furthermore, for the people that do not participate in the LARP one-shot a third role-play session will be organised.

The weekend begins on Friday afternoon and ends Sunday evening. Most Knights travel by bicycle but it is also possible to travel by car. If you do not have a car and are unable to travel by bicycle please ask the organisers for assistance.

The costs of the weekend are unsure but usually they will cost about 35 euro per person. This includes food and sleeping arrangements. Household tasks like cooking and cleaning will be distributed around the members to ensure everyone contributes a fair amount of work.