LARP means Live Action Role-Playing. It is a combination between role-playing games and improv theatre. You could also regard it as an interactive film except it is the actors, in this case yourself, that determine what happens instead of the script. This means that whatever the theme, whether you are exploring a mystical medieval world, navigating the politics of a futuristic colony or getting drunk in a fraternity, there is always a lot of action and a lot of fun… that is, until someone decides to ramp up the drama.

Our LARP sessions generally have between twenty end thirty participants. Every player has their own character with it’s own goals, motivations, problems and secrets. This means every player will be able to influence and tell their own story

Every 1st Saturday of the month Duin LARP (Dutch) A continuous LARP where the players are members of one the three large houses that have been chosen to govern the planet of Arrakis, Lots of politics and machinations. This LARP campaign is held in Dutch however.
Every Sunday after the Duin LARP Making costumes and clothes Every Sunday after the dune LARP session the Brass needle hold its activity where people make New clothing and costumes.
Thursday every [even/odd] week. LARP-swordsmanship training Training to improve your skills in fighting with LARP-swords.
Two Weekends per year. Knightsweekend Traditionally a one-shot LARP session is organised during the Knightsweekends.
End of the academic year Eindjaarsdagen During the Eindejaarsdagen The LARP-swordsmanship tournament is a traditional element.