Dune Imperium

Note: This LARP campaign is organised in Dutch. Therefore people who do not master the language will be unable to participate.

Dune is a LARP campaign by the Schimmenspel, organised in coöperation with the Knights. During this LARP campaign every participant takes on the role of a members of one of the Great Houses which have been chosen to govern over the planet of Arrakis and harvest the valuable Spice. By working together in Alliances, but also through betrayal, duels, assassinations and sabotage each of the houses try to increase their influence. However, secret organisations, hidden agendas and ancient feuds distort the playing field. Personal desires and secret affairs can bring both prosperity and ruination to the houses. Who will be able to please the emperor and lead his or her house to the top? Who is willing to pay the price? Who will be able to turn the universe to his hand using the secrets hidden in the sands of the desert?

The LARP is organised every first Saturday of the month. We will open at 19:00. the game starts around 20:30 and will end around 00:30. The entrance fee is 1 euro for Kights members and 3 euro for Non-knights members. If you want to join you can Sign yourself up at schimmenspellarp@gmail.com.

Note: The storytellers will meet up the third Wednesday of the month. If you send your messages before this date it will be easier for the game masters to answer them.