LARP-swordmanship training

The LARP-swordsmanship training is meant to improve the swordsmanship skills of our members. These skills are very useful during several types of LARP games. During the training we focus on a modified version of the Lichtenhauer style of swordsmanship.

In general each training has a specific topic or technique that is taught. LARP-swords can be borrowed for free but don’t hesitate to bring your personal sword.


During the trainings safety is key. Thus we lay great emphasis on the safety rules which are repeated at every training:

  • No Stabbing. The swords contain a hard glass-fibre core. If used for stabbing they can puncture through the sword not only ruining the sword but also risking serious damage to your sparring partner.
  • No aiming for the head or crotch. These parts of the body are very vulnerable and should therefore be avoided.
  • Overhand and underhand attacks are not allowed because they have a high risk of hitting the head.
  • Do not hit with full force Even though the swords are soft, if you hit someone too hard it can still hurt.
  • Physical contact beyond hitting with swords is not allowed
  • Hold back when charging. While running is allowed one should not bash into someone at full speed.

If the trainers believe people are disregarding the rules and do not use the materials in a safe way they are allowed to send someone away and/or ban them from the trainings

time and location

NOTE: At the moment the training is having a winter break stop due to cold weather.

The training is held every second Thursday on the odd  weeks. To receive updates as well as notices when the trainings are moved you can join the mailing group by sending a mail to

Trainings start at 19:30.


For further questions about the training please are the Ivory guardsmen at