Long tabletop game days

Is there a game you really want to play but never had the chance to because it takes eight hours? Look no further. At the Long tabletop game days you have the opportunity to play these games. Therefore this is an ideal time to revive the second world war in Axis and Allies, divide Westeros in ‘A game of thrones: the board game’, become face to face with things that should not be in ‘Arkham horror’, take over for the galaxy in ‘Twilight imperium’ or lose all of your friends during ‘Diplomacy’. The long tabletop game days are traditionally held during Chrismas and New year’s day. Also there is a Long tabletop game day at the end of every TU/e exams week. Check the agenda when the next Long tabletop game day is.

Of course, if you want to play a long tabletop game outside of these days you can always ask other members if they are interested to pick another day and play them then.