Role-Playing games

During Role-play games you play out a character in a story you are building together with the other under the watchful eyes, careful guidance and, sometimes, eternal desperation of a game master or storyteller. The experience is like a mix of telling a story and playing a game.


Note: refer to the Agenda for more accurate dates.

First Wednesday of the month Open roleplay evening Each first Wednesday of the month our storytellers invite you for a short, one-shot role play game. This is the ideal chance to try role play games but of course also fun for more experienced role-players.
Fourth Wednesday of the month Tea@knight, workshop for storytellers Every fourth Wednesday of the month our most experienced storytellers will teach the finer arts to storytelling. Join us to learn how to improve your capabilities as a game master.
All other days Continous campaigns These are the longer stories which can take anywhere from three evenings to years. Usually players come together every two weeks to play a role-play session.
Twice a year Looking for Group If you want to join a campaign, look no further. During looking for group new campaigns are started and older campaigns may look for new members. Of course you can always try to join a group outside of this activity. Just ask someone if they know who is looking for players.


We have a good collection of role-play systems including:

Several editions of D&D including 5th edition, 4th edition,3.5, 3th edition and even 2nd edition.

GURPS 4th edition(+ several supplements)

World of darkness and the ‘Changeling the lost’, ‘Vampire the requiem’, ‘Mage the awakening’, ‘Werewolf the forsaken’ en ‘Promethean, the created’ supplements

Several less well-known systems like ‘Shadowrun’, ‘Eclipse phase’ , ‘Burning wheel’ and [SCHOP DE ZWARTE RAVEN OVER WAT HIER MOET].


Because of the variety of systems there is a suitable ruleset for everyone. Furthermore you can always use the books as a great source of inspiration.