Open role-play evening

Every first Wednesday of the month the Knights organise a role-play evening. During these evenings a group of storytellers invite you to join them on an adventure. Because these evenings are always a lot of fun they are often among the busiest. It is the ideal time to experience what role-play games are and to learn new systems or try out being a game master yourself. If you need help our veterans are always willing to lend a hand and teach you how to create a fun setting and atmosphere. Of course Non-members who would like to have a taste of role-playing games and the atmosphere of the association are also welcome to join us this evening.

During the open role-play evenings several one-shot games (generally about three to five) are played. One-shots are stories that take a single sitting to go from beginning to conclusion. The game masters will each give a pitch before people choose to join one of them. Before the activity starts there is always an opportunity to have a conversation with the people at the association.

The evening starts at 19:30.

Furthermore several times each year we will organise themed role-play evenings. During these evenings the rooms will be decorated and the games will have a certain theme. You can for instance:

  • Explore your deepest fears during our halloween role-play evening.
  • Rediscover your passion in our Valentine’s day role-play evening.
  • Get puzzles and get puzzled while trapped in the mystery role-play evening

All in all, the role-play evenings are always lot’s of fun. If you ever wanted to know what they feel like don’t hesitate to join us.