open role-play evening Open Rollenspellenavond

Every first Wednesday of the month the Knights organise a role-play evening. During these evenings a group of storytellers invite you to join them on an adventure. Because these evenings are always a lot of fun they are often among the busiest. It is the ideal time to experience what role-play games are and to learn new systems or try out being a game master yourself. If you need help our veterans are always willing to lend a hand and teach you how to create a fun setting and atmosphere. Of course Non-members who would like to have a taste of role-playing games and the atmosphere of the association are also welcome to join us this evening.

During the open role-play evenings several one-shot games (generally about three to five) are played. One-shots are stories that take a single sitting to go from beginning to conclusion. The game masters will each give a pitch before people choose to join one of them. Before the activity starts there is always an opportunity to have a conversation with the people at the association.

The evening starts at 19:00. Often many the members will dine together at 18. If you want to join in please call the association at 040-247-8505 or, for members, subscribe to the dinner list on the Knights app. Please refer to the Dinner list page for more information

Furthermore several times each year we will organise themed role-play evenings. During these evenings the rooms will be decorated and the games will have a certain theme. You can for instance:

  • Explore your deepest fears during our halloween role-play evening.
  • Rediscover your passion in our Valentine’s day role-play evening.
  • Get puzzles and get puzzled while trapped in the mystery role-play evening

All in all, the role-play evenings are always lot’s of fun. If you ever wanted to know what they feel like don’t hesitate to join us.


Elke eerste woensdag van de maand organiseren de Knights een rollenspel avond. Deze avonden worden altijd druk bezocht door leden omdat er veel leuks te doen is en het altijd gezellig is. Het is ideaal om nieuwe systemen te leren kennen of een sessie-concept uit te proberen. Kom deze avond en laat je verrassen door de verschillende sessies die er zijn voorbereid door onze storytellers, dungeon masters en/of game masters. De avond is ook bedoeld voor niet-leden die de sfeer van de vereniging willen proeven.

Op de rollenspelavond worden altijd veel verschillende rollenspellen gespeeld. Vaak is er voor de spelers keuze uit 3 tot 5 oneshots. Voor het begin van de activiteit is er altijd tijd en ruimte om gezellig bij te praten in onze ruimte.

De avond start om 19:30..

Er worden enkele keren per jaar thema-avonden georganiseerd. Dit zijn rollenspellen avonden voor leden met een specifiek thema zoals:

  • Halloween
  • Valentijn
  • Mysterie