Tabletop games

We have a wide variety of tabletop games. That said, you won’t find games like snakes and ladders in here. With two large bookshelves filled with games in all sizes, we have a diverse collection of more specialised games. This ensures there is a suitable and interesting game for every occasion.


We have several activities centred around playing tabletop games. Of course if you want to play a game at any other time you can almost always find someone willing to play a game. Everyone is welcome to come by and try out a tabletop game in our room. That said, during the following activities you can be sure to find even more people who are looking for a game to play:


Every third Wednesday of the month Tabletop evening The large, monthly tabletop evening
Every Tuesday Tabletop evening The slightly smaller, weekly tabletop evening
Between Christmas and New year’s day Long tabletop game  days The long tabletop game days are days during which the larger games that can take up to a day get taken of the shelves to play.
At the end of every TU/e examination period Long tabletop day The long tabletop game day is a day during which the larger games get taken of the shelves to play. Or otherwise a just a long day to play multiple tabletop games.
Always Tabletop games You can always walk in and ask people if they want to play a game. Furthermore, if you want to play a specific game don’t be afraid to ask plan a date and time and invite others.



We have a varied collection of tabletop games either owned by the association or lend out to us by the members. This means there is a game for every occasion. Be it a short game like ‘Flux’ to fill an otherwise lost ten-minute gap or a more strategic game like ‘Kingsburg’ or ‘dice brewing’. There are also Cooperative games like ‘Sentinels of the mutiverse’ or ‘Legends of Andor’.  If you on the other hand prefer more socials game ‘Secret Hitler’ or ‘Battlestar galactica’ will serve your needs. That said, if you prefer something more common like ‘Risk’ or ‘Carcassonne’ you won’t be disappointed either. For the really hardcore gamers, longer tabletop games like ‘Axis and Allies’ or ‘Here I stand’ are also available. Furthermore there are several members that play Trading card games. You will have to play those games with your own cards.

If you ever wonder if we have certain game, our complete collection can found at BoardGameGeek.