Every fourth Wednesday of the month our storytelling workshop, the Tea@knights takes place. These evenings are open for everyone who would like to know more about the finer arts of role-playing but organised especially for people who want to learn more about how to run an RPG as a game master or storyteller. Our most experienced members, The Black Ravens, will give a presentation about a certain topic and encourage discussions about techniques as well as personal experiences with running role-play games.

Every Tea@Knights will have it’s own topic which is discussed. These topics are a specific part of running role-playing games. Examples are how to write the history of the game’s setting. How to learn and use rule systems, How to balance freedom versus structure, how to prepare for a one-shot or session and how to pace your sessions and campaigns. They will be discussed in depth but if people have other interesting topics there is room to discuss them as well.

So if you ever want to know more about running your own one-shot or campaign the Tea@Knights is the best place to pick up advice and ask for critique since while these evenings are very helpful they are also a whole lot of fun.

The evening starts at 19:30.